Dr. Kirell Benzi is a data scientist working in the Signal Processing Laboratory 2 (LTS2) at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Passionate about both computer science and art, he began his interest in digital creation by making abstract art from pictures at a young age. Skilled in the field of data science, he develops algorithms to process, analyze and visualize large network datasets.
Kirell Benzi
To the general public, his indisputably most famous work to date is the analysis of the Star Wars expanded universe, which captured the world’s attention in 2016. Combining both data analysis and network visualization, he captivates the audience in the exhibition “Singular Networks” by showing that algorithms, apart from their scientific necessity, also generate emotions. Art has been hiding in the unlikeliest of places!
In another creative register, Kirell is the main inventor of Genezik, a music recommendation application based on networks and machine learning. Used during the Montreux Jazz Festival for the delight of the ears, Genezik allows everyone to navigate in the festival archive from its early creation to this day.

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